ATRN Research and Education Committee

  • 9 Mar 2022
  • 30 Dec 2022
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ATRN Research and Education Committee

The Research/Education Committee fosters research in Appalachia, and related research areas to enhance professional and personal development of members by:

  • Raising awareness of the role of research within ATRN’s core business
  •  Alerting members to research opportunities (funding, collaboration among members)
  • Disseminating news of research to key stakeholders (members, patients, other professional, funders)
  • Promoting the educational goals of the ATRN by advocating for and supporting education for all ATRN members.  This is done by assembling and maintaining educational resources and making them available to ATRN members.

Any questions regarding committees can be directed to our Headquarters Office at

About the ATRN

The Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN) is committed to addressing the significant health challenges and disparities specific to Appalachia by enhancing research collaborations to speed the translation of scientific discoveries to health improvements for this region.

The ATRN seeks to foster Community Engagement and Outreach to those in the Appalachian region. In addition, the ATRN will serve as a conduit for enhancing T1 research collaborations in areas relevant to the chronic health conditions prevalent in Appalachia.

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