Membership Committee

The Membership Committee proposes and develops plans for recruitment of new members, as well as retention and engagement of existing members. It identifies, recommends, and implements activities to increase membership by:

  • Publicizing the organization to attract new members
  • Encouraging potential members to join the ATRN
  • Reviewing membership applications to approve new members
  • Publicizing the achievements of members

Policies/Procedures Committee

The Policy and Procedure Committee is a designated committee with goals of insuring the ATRN has policies and procedures in place to guide the operation of the organization in alignment with the ATRN Bylaws.

Goals for the Committee:

  • Establish the ATRN Policy and Procedure Manual that includes a Code of Conduct for Members
  • Conduct annual review of the ATRN Policy and Procedure Manual and suggest revisions as appropriate.
  • Review policy and procedural changes suggested by the ATRN Executive Leadership Committee.
  • Draft motions for policy or procedural changes for the ATRN Executive Leadership Committee for discussion and vote.
  • Review the Committee’s work and procedures and make recommendations to the Executive Leadership Committee regarding its charges and potential changes in its procedures.
  • The Policy and Procedures Committee shall meet bi-monthly by electronic means and as needed to accomplish the committee’s goals.

Join the ATRN Policies and Procedures Committee 

Communications Committee

The ATRN Communications Committee enhances community health and reduces health disparities in the Appalachian region by creating media and sharing information and resources from research projects and collaborations among ATRN academic institutions, community health organizations, and Appalachian communities (e.g., the ATRN Newsletter - read and subscribe here today!). Providing a vehicle for communication that supports ATRN collaborations and networking, the ATRN Newsletter is foundational to the success of the ATRN mission to improve health outcomes across Appalachia by fostering collaborative interinstitutional and community-academic research partnerships. 

E-mail the ATRN Executive Committee Member that represents your institution with your interest in joining the ATRN Communications Committee. 


The Research/Education Committee fosters research in Appalachia, and related research areas to enhance professional and personal development of members by:

  • Raising awareness of the role of research within ATRN’s core business
  •  Alerting members to research opportunities (funding, collaboration among members)
  • Disseminating news of research to key stakeholders (members, patients, other professional, funders)
  • Promoting the educational goals of the ATRN by advocating for and supporting education for all ATRN members.  This is done by assembling and maintaining educational resources and making them available to ATRN members.

    Summit Planning Committee

    The Summit Planning Committee assists with plans for the Annual Health Summit


    • Actively participate in regular conference calls
    • Assist in recruiting content and speakers for the Annual Health Summit

    E-mail the ATRN Executive Committee Member that represents your institution with your interest in joining the ATRN Summit Planning Committee. 

    Any questions regarding the ATRN Committees can be directed to our Headquarters Office at

    461 Cochran Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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