Addressing the significant health challenges and disparities specific to Appalachia.

ATRN Communications Committee

The ATRN Communications Committee enhances community health and reduces health disparities in the Appalachian region by creating media and sharing information and resources from research projects and collaborations among ATRN academic institutions, community health organizations, and Appalachian communities (e.g., the ATRN Newsletter - read and subscribe here today!). Providing a vehicle for communication that supports ATRN collaborations and networking, the ATRN Newsletter is foundational to the success of the ATRN mission to improve health outcomes across Appalachia by fostering collaborative interinstitutional and community-academic research partnerships. 

Meet your ATRN Communications Committee Members:

Ashley Hall (Co-chair), University of Kentucky

Beverly Stringer (Co-chair), The Ohio State University

Jeff GreverThe Ohio State University

Emma Jones, University of Cincinnati

Melissa Kimmel, Ohio University

Kristin MilleriThriv

Ian Moore, West Virginia University

Keena Moore, Wake Forest University

Evonne Richards, West Virginia University

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